English Literature Club at CEES Induction Ceremony

José Juan González as this year’s English Literature Club’s president represented the Club at the induction ceremony for the school’s student council and all it leaders. Best wishes for JJ and the club members. ~~LMMolina

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English Dept /Technology Staff

The English teaching staff assumed their technology roles to assist with the transmission of the induction ceremony for the school’s student council.  My heartfelt thanks for their continuous tech support. I would like to refer to them as “the ‘Beato’ tech dream team.” (Thanks to PJMT for the second photo.) ~~LMMolina, Dept. Coordinator

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English Teacher and Lady Behind the Smart Phone Camera


Bethmariz Machuca resumes her part-time duties as the school’s media photographer. Most of the school’s activities have been broadcast as a Facebook Live event. In the photo  she is prepping up for the grand entrance of the Senior class of 2022.

Bethmariz will be offering the elective course on cinematography for the 11th and 12th grade students. As an English teacher she also has two of the 12th grade courses. The cinematography course has a YouTube channel.  You might want to check it out here.

Best wishes for a successful year for our staff and the students.  ~~LMMolina


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Forensic Competition 2021: Virtual Mode

Today the Forensic League of Puerto Rico celebrated its yearly competition. As all other events held this year because of the ongoing pandemic, it was in virtual mode.  The videos of the pieces for each category were sent beforehand for the judges to evaluate today.

Thanks to Yolanda and Alejandro for guiding this year’s team and Bethmariz for filming each member’s entry.  Another school event completed! ~~LMMolina, English Department Coordinator

Final Results:

Julio- 9th place in comedy, Gabriel – 6th place in Original and 6th place in comedy.

School: 5th place in division B

Twenty-six school competed this year.

Todays’ mood in the morning

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Forensic Competition 2021: Virtual Mode

Our Forensic team is competing today. Wishing them all success! ~~LMMolina


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CBCMR Forensic Team 2020-2021

This year’s Forensic team is in the final stages of preparing for the competition to be held later this month.  The team consists of five students presenting 7 pieces in the following categories: drama, comedy, speech and original. The competition this year is different from any of its predecessors. Adapting to the new reality we are living in, it would be the first time the competition will be presented virtually. Competitors from each school have sent a pre-recorded version of their piece to be judged during the day of the competition, Saturday, April 24th. Our school competes this year in category B along with seven other schools from the English Forensic League.  ~~Yolanda Colón, Forensic Adviser, LMMolina, English Department Coordinator

Note: Alejandro Rosario is co-adviser of the team and Bethmariz Machuca has worked in the recording of the videos. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the CBCMR English Department teaching staff for going the extra mile and to our school director Pedro Juan Martínez for his continued support of all the extracurricular activities during this pandemic year. May the good Lord bless you all!~~LMM



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Forensic 2020-2021

This year’s Forensic competition will likely go virtual (as is almost everything else this year). It is scheduled for April 24, 2021 and will be celebrated as an “extraordinary” competition.  Moderators Yolanda Colón and Alejandro Rosario are holding regular virtual meetings through Google Meet during the week so the participants can begin organizing their pieces.  At least two members will be double entry.

The Forensic team is made up of 6 students so far: Gabriela, Victoria, Andrea, Julio, Gabriel, and Gerardo. Wishing everyone the best and hoping all goes as planned.  ~~LMMolina

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¡Exámenes Finales 2do Semestre Clase Senior 2019!

Foto Clase Senior 2019

¡Atención padres y estudiantes Clase Senior 2019!

Los exámenes finales para la Clase Senior 2019 están pautados para los días 14, 15 y 16 mayo de 2019. Es importante que todas las cuentas con el Colegio estén al día para que los estudiantes puedan tomar los exámenes finales o eximirse de los mismos si cumple con todos  los requisitos.

Para detalles vea el Comunicado #45-2018-2019 Exámenes Finales Segundo Semestre Clase Senior 2019 y el 2018-2019 Calendario Examenes Finales Segundo Semestre Clase Senior.

¡Mucho éxito en los exámenes finales!

Pedro Juan Martínez, Director

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Forensic Competition 2019: CBCMR Results

Congrats to our team! Way to go! Bethmariz and her colleagues, Yolanda and Alejandro, did an outstanding job.  Special thanks to Teresita and Gregsie for their constant support!

5th place “Speech Category” – Andrea Ríos

6th place “Comedy Category” – Fabiola Hernández

10th place “Drama Category” – Valeria Karim Rivera

10th place “Original Category” – Erika Torres

Medal for the Senior student who participated in the competition for 3 years – Valeria Karim Rivera

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Forensic Team: 2019 Competition

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