English Week 2022

This year’s English week concluded with Teacher Andrea’s students presenting a short skit based on the popular Toy Story franchise.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the activities celebrating the English language. And a special thanks to Andrea for her initiative with the Toy Story sketch.~~LMMolina

Here are some highlights of the presentation.


At the upper grades, the students could present an activity to express his (or her) knowledge or feelings on the use of the language.

This student submitted an audio.

And this one decided on a video.

A student could also prepare a word-search puzzle, a collage, or a Kahoot (a popular online app to test knowledge). Here are just a few samples.

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English Week 2022: English at “Beato”

English Week: 24-28 October

This year’s English week will have a different twist.  The two teachers will be motivating the students to be creative, show off what they’ve learned, and at the same time have fun with the language.

Here’s a preview of what the students from the 6th to the 10th grade will be doing.


The 11th and 12th graders will be creating activities for their classmates. The favorites seem to be the word-search puzzles and the Kahoots.  These focus on the Gothic which is the current unit of discussion in those grades.

Wednesday, October 26: Casual Day

On that same day an “Escape Room/Scavenger Hunt” will take place during the lunch period.  This event will be sponsored by group 12-Ana.

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2021-2022: Back to Classes after the Holiday Recess

Monday, January 10, 2022, the teachers will be in school preparing for the second semester of the current school year. Class sessions will be held virtually from Tuesday, January 11 (Day A) to Friday, January 21 (Day A).  By Monday, January 24th (Day B) we should be back to in-person classes.  Make sure all your electronic devices are ready for the brand new year.

For further details, access the school blog for the post on inicio-del-segundo-semestre-2021-2022/

Have you filled out the Google Form sent by the school’s health officer? If not, please do so ASAP. We need you safe and sound for this new year! ~~LMMolina

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English Week 2021: Gallery

Friday, November 5th the gallery was open to the the school community. Various groups visited with their English teachers.

Photos by Yolanda Colón, Bethmariz Machuca, and LMMolina.


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English Week 2021: Hero’s Casual Day

Today we celebrated a casual day in tune with the Week’s theme.

Tomorrow the gallery will be open to those who wish to see students’ works on display. The gallery includes both the library and the computer room. Be sure to drop by and vote for your favorite. ~~LMMolina

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English Week 2021: Gothic Flash Fiction Scavenger Hunt

Some of the 12th grade groups prepared a Scavenger Hunt as part of the week’s program. It consisted of parts of a story that teams of 3 to six members had to put together. It was an exciting display pf emotions as student rushed around to find the pieces. ~~LMMolina

Check out the Gothic Flash Fiction Stories.

Photos by LMMolina and Alejandro Rosario

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English Week 2021: Story Corners

Story Corners

Groups 10-Mar and 10-Bre presented their stories as part of the English week activities. These were the basic instructions they had to follow: Read an act from the play Much Ado About Nothing, write a story inspired by the events in that act, and then read the story out loud to small audiences during the lunch period.

All in all they did a pretty good job! ~~LMMolina

Rehearsal on Monday, November 1, the day before the event.

Story Corners on the day of the event, November 2, 2021

Here are the stories:

Group #1_ The Party in the Kingdom

Group #2_ The Lover’s Obstacle

Group #3_Escaping from Reality

Group #4_The Myth of the Woods

Group #5_Once Together

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English Week 2021 Kicks Off

English Teaching Staff 2021-2022

English Week 2021 opened with the English Literature Club’s presentation of “Shrek in a Nutshell” under the direction of Alejandro Rosario assisted by Yolanda Colón.

In tomorrow’s event, the 10th graders will be reading stories during the lunch period in designated areas of the main patio of the school.  Be sure to stop by the “story corners.” ~~LMMolina

Photos by Bethmarie Machuca


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English Week Preparations

The English teaching staff is getting ready for next week’s activities.

The English Spot!

Yey! We started working on this year’s English Department activity.

Obviously, due to the current state of things with the pandemic, we can’t perform our iconic English Night, but this is a start and the kids are enthusiastic 🤩

Here are a few 12th grades from my groups working on the preparations for the Scavenger Hunt.

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Casual Day: English Week 2021

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