English and Forensic Team 2018

Students and teachers: Wonderful group of dedicated individuals. ~~LMMolina

English & Mrs. Molina

This year’s team is a special one for me. Why? Of the 12 members, 6 have been in one of my courses and three are currently in my 10th-grade English course. As I write this post, my prayers are with them. They are at Bonneville School at this year’s competition.

I thoroughly enjoyed their presentations Thursday evening at the Parents’ Night event. Such talent! I was also delighted to meet some of my former students who served as judges that evening. Nice to see them again!

I only expect good news later on in the day. Hats off to Bethmariz and her faithful co-advisers, Yolanda and Alejandro! I’m very proud of the English Department and enjoy being a part of this awesome group of individuals!

Special thanks to my colleagues, Teresita and Gregsie for helping the Forensic team and its advisers during this rough school year! It is this sense of…

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