Pre Competition Drill: Forensic Teams Colegio Beato & Mater Salvatoris


For this Pre competition drill, Beato welcomed the school Mater Salvatoris. The drill took place on Friday April 6, 2018 at 4:00pm in the library.
The students, led by Xavier Espinosa, Captain of the Beato Forensic’s Team, began the meeting with an introductory dynamic to get to know each other and then proceeded to do a warm up exercise. Once they were ready, they were formally welcomed and briefed on how the drill would run. The students were given a notepad and pencil, provided by the school, to write down their comments and feedback for each other speeding up the process. Both schools agreed on presenting one member of each team after the other ( 1 Mater-1 Beato). They had a 5 minute break to go to the bathroom, drink water and eat snacks, which had been provided by both schools.
The drill was a success for both schools; everyone showing their growth and shining under the pressure. Mater gifted us with a small token of gratitude, and in the end the students exchanged numbers with each other. The event ended roughly around 8:30 and we all hoped it could be repeated again.  ~~Bethmariz Machuca
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