Another notch in Forensic’s belt!

Forensic comes from Latin forensis, and referred primarily to public debate in the Forum (or any public place). One of the things I like about Forensic ( and “oratoria”) is that students have the opportunity to develop poise and security when speaking in public. Whether they want to be lawyers, teachers, actors or any profession which involves  standing before an audience, they will have to put into practice their speaking skills to deliver a message. This message could mean a life or death sentence for another human being, getting funds for a noble cause or simply broadening the minds of others. Whether it be oratory, comedy, drama, or an original, Forensic helps build character. Those students who will be graduating this year must have found this experience a richly rewarding one. I’m positive that they will apply the skills learned in the very near future!

Yesterday, our Forensic team’s performance in the Category A competition at Robinson School proved that our students have the stamina and ability to take on the likes of those students who are in this, the most competitive category. The performances I witnessed during Parent’s Night made me feel confident that the team would excel and prove their worth. And they certainly did!

To win second place is no easy feat! But hours of practice and dedication by all team members made it possible. Under the guidance of their adviser, Denisse Rosario, along with the help of teachers like Bethmariz Machuca and Yolanda Colón, the team’s efforts paid off handsomely. Credit is also due to Teresita Vázquez (Oratoria adviser) and Gregsie Torres for their assistance and encouragement. And of course, the parents’ support throughout this entire experience was invaluable. Their trust in the school’s staff is and will always remain priceless! This was truly an amazing example of teamwork!

Thanks again to Denisse for accepting this challenge and taking care of this “baby.” My warmest regards to her and her helpers. May the Lord always guide your steps as you walk down the path of life. ~~LMMolina

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