Forensic 2015: Parents’ Night

CBCMR Forensic 2015

Last night was  “magical night” for our Forensic team. The student members presented their pieces to their parents, relatives, friends and the rest of the school community.  You might call this a dress rehearsal for the competition which is a week away.

It was a bit nostalgic also, because we said good-bye to our three Seniors who have been on the team for the past 5 to 6 years!

As usual, the students went all out in their performances! It would be hard to choose who stood out in his or her category.

Since evaluation really depends on a judge’s perception of the piece, we don’t know how well our team will perform on the day of the competition. But these youngsters have my full support and all my votes! Preparing to stand in front of a group of strangers and “pouring your heart out,” earns my deepest my respect and undying admiration!!! God bless them all! ~~LMM

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