A pilgrimage

Blessed is the One

Last Friday, March 27th, marked the third pilgrimage in which the school community of Colegio Beato Carlos Manuel participated.  We were most graciously received by the townspeople of San Germán and Monsignor Rafael Méndez, the parish priest.

Eight buses transported over 300 students and the school’s teaching staff. The town’s warmth and hospitality were genuine and the students showed their appreciation. They were attentive during the Mass as Monsignor Méndez delivered his sermon. Their behavior was to be commended. It just goes to show that our students are growing in their capacity to do what is expected of them as individuals. I trust that this growth continues in a positive direction.

These trips provide our students and the staff a unique opportunity to see people of other towns in a different light. Being in another place and meeting new persons offer a chance to see that we are all one and the same. All of us are bonded in spirit with one heavenly Father.

May this Holy Week bring  a sense of peace to all those who are going through stressful moments. Peace that is only a prayer away!~~LMM

Porta Coeli (2)

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