Another school year approaches!

Our school has signs of life this week! Why? Some of the students are back to help out with the  painting to speed things along a bit. That’s nice! Most are from the student council organization and the Senior Class of 2013.  It’s been kind of messy walking around the school hallways. I don’t know which or who has gotten more paint- the walls or the students! Anyway, it’s nice that they’re helping out with a much needed face lift.  Our director, Pedro J. Martínez,  has his hands full with the daily tasks of running the school and organizing next year’s work.  Next week we’ll have all the maintenance and most of the office personnel working their regular schedule. Some of the teachers have been in to work in their rooms.  Gladys Torres is fixing up the room she’s been assigned this year- room 103. Other changes? Well, our department head, Denisse Rosario has been moved up to the second floor- room 204 and Mrs. Irizarry has been assigned Gladys’ former room 108/109.  I will remain in mine -room 106/107.  Hopefully we’ll be set for the first day of class.  See you all soon! ~~LMMolina

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