Forensics Parents’ Night: “Defying Gravity”

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Defying gravity? You better believe it! Our CBCMR Forensics team members were definitely flying high!

Just before parents night, the students were nervous and tense.  How did they cope? Well, they did some calisthenics and a little bit of horseplay to get their nerves under control.

Denisse, the team’s advisor, admitted that she wasn’t too calm herself but you couldn’t tell because she was the picture of serenity.  Teresita, co-advisor, also took things in stride. As the advisor for the school’s Spanish oratory team, she has the experience and the know-how to deal with nerves that are on edge.

How did the kids do that night? Well, judging from the audience’s reaction, I’d say very well! They were delighted with the team’s performance.  Parents, family members, and school staff were bursting with pride.  Some even cried!  I can’t imagine what it will be like on the day of the competition!

Now, it’s down to the last days of practice. These next few days will be intense as the participants get ready for the big day- Saturday, April 28th.  Talk about pressure!

Our thanks to all who attended and especially to our guest judges—Gladys Torres, English instructor, Nelson Ríos, former graphic arts instructor, and José A. Pagán, CBCMR alumni and former member.

Best wishes and success to all!—-LMM

Members of the 2012 Forensics team are as follows:

Stephanie Velar, Anfernee Cintrón, Pedro Casado (speech category); Andrea Torres, Nelson Alemar,  Emmanuel Salgado (humorous category); Karla Acosta, Fraixa Albizu, Raquel Farias (drama category); Angela Orozco, Adriana Sotomayor, and Josué Meléndez (original category).

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1 Response to Forensics Parents’ Night: “Defying Gravity”

  1. ziva says:

    It was a really good experience. I think that there are no words to describe what a great year it has been in forensics. It is just so sad to think that it is almost over. As I read this, my heart started beating even faster and faster I just can’t wait although I do have to admit that I am very anxious and nervous. Now the week will be intense and sadly it will all come down to an end on Saturday. But let’s give the best of us and see how it comes out.

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