Forensics…..practice makes perfect!

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How is the Forensics team holding up? Well, from the looks of it, seems like they’re getting there but nerves are somewhat frayed. Denisse, the team’s advisor, seems a little tense but she’s hanging in there!

Pedro Martínez, the school’s director, took some shots of today’s intense practice and is quoted as saying: “Break a leg!!! I am very proud of you guys!!! Thank you Denisse for your dedication!!! ILY!!!”

After months of practice, we hope this team has the potential to remain in Category A. We’re rooting for you people!

Tomorrow night is parent’s night and all family members and friends are cordially invited to attend. This is the team’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to the school community. ‘Thank you students!’ for your hard work and dedication. And THANK YOU, Denisse for being there for our students! —LMM

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2 Responses to Forensics…..practice makes perfect!

  1. Mrs.Torres says:

    Go FORENSICS TEAM!!!!!!!! THANK YOU DENISSE! YOU have no idea how this team helped Angela. She is ready to keep working for next year too and I know that the rest of team are thinking the same way. 😉

  2. Denisse Rosario says:

    Thank you for all your support!! The team has worked very hard this year. And as they dlivered in excellence on Parent’s night, I am completely confident they will do the same on April 28 at Bonneville High School. Everyone is invited!!!!

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