Ring Ceremony 2010 / “misa de compromiso”

On November 12, the Senior Class of 2011 attended their first special Mass. This was the first of the activities as Seniors and countdown to the last…the graduation ceremony. It was a lovely celebration and an emotional one! By the looks of things, you’d think it was the graduation itself! Attendance was excellent, very few were absent. A number of Seniors participated and the school choir outdid themselves. Everything went according to plan and the parents were pleased.

It seems that we’re still undecided however on what to call this Mass: Ring ceremony or “misa de compromiso”? Any suggestions?

More photos at http://colegiobeatocmr-asuntosdeinteres.blogspot.com/2010/11/misa-de-compromiso-y-bendicion-de.html

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6 Responses to Ring Ceremony 2010 / “misa de compromiso”

  1. Cookiee says:

    It was very nice and special to us Seniors. The choir was excellent, the amazing singing, the songs were great! I loved it a lot.

  2. Kaya says:

    I liked the nice picture so much 🙂

  3. Triana says:

    Ceremony of commitment since it is a door to a new stage in each of our lives.

  4. @lexaduyi ^^ says:

    :,) They grow up so fast…. so epic I’m so happy for them. . . good luck, you guys. Your life just started to change.

  5. (~d&m@~) says:

    On this day I feel so emotional because it is a big step in my future and my new life.

  6. lupita says:

    It’s a beautiful ceremony; my mon told me about her ceremony many years ago. Waiting for ours. Congrats Seniors!

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